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Friends tell me: Funny, Smart, loyal Describing myself: Virgo, Gamecock, Music Lover, Crossfitter, Independent and Single.

Thoughts are so powerful

How is it that 3 months after all the boy drama I had this summer, that I still think about him EVERY DAY??? Seriously  there is not a day that goes by that He doesn’t cross my mind.  Ridiculous.  Seriously … Continue reading

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Hobbies…. Are they overrated or do I need one?

Someone I met the other day asked me what my hobbies were and I was stumped.  I couldn’t really think of anything. At least not in the traditional, I like to do crafts, sew or collect stamps. Then I began … Continue reading

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Crossfit Baby

I love Crossfit.  I do not love burpees, wall balls, running but I love crossfit. I have been doing it for 11 months.  Sort of, I was off the wagon in Sept and October, but I am back on and … Continue reading

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Food Sensitivities

I have a battle with food.  Its love hate.  I love food, I enjoy cooking, I enjoy indulging.  I enjoy how it can provide a social environment, I love the excitement of trying new meals, recipes, wine. I hate the … Continue reading

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Fall Hibernation

I am in hibernation mode.  Don’t want to spend money, don’t want to eat out, don’t really want to be social.  Want to focus on ME.  I want to go to the gym, eat well, sleep well and do what … Continue reading

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Stellar November Weather

This is lame I know.  But honestly we have had FANTASTIC Fall weather this year.  I have really been trying to see the “pretty” in the day to day.  I noticed the Cherry Trees outside our office are blooming.  That … Continue reading

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Where does the time go?!?

Wow, I can’t believe a month has already flown by since my last blog.  I told myself when I started this that I have to check in, I have to post regularly.  Otherwise what’s the point, right?  Well look at … Continue reading

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