Crossfit Baby

I love Crossfit.  I do not love burpees, wall balls, running but I love crossfit.

I have been doing it for 11 months.  Sort of, I was off the wagon in Sept and October, but I am back on and feeling great.  I love the competitive part.  While I don’t “compete” with my other classmates, they do help to push me past what I think I should do.  I put the extra five lbs on the bar becuase she does, and I know if she can I can.

I also love how everything is measurable.  It pushes me to beat the time last time, or a new PR in a strength movement.  I like how I can see that everyone else similar did it in 8 min so I set my WOD goal approprately.

Goals are another good thing about crossfit.  I feel that I am more committed to it becuase I set goals and have things measured.  I am more accountable to myself this way.

I like what it does for my body.  Of course I love the fact that I feel powerful because I can lift 115 lbs over my head.  Who wouldn’t!

The community.  The other unexpected benefit of crossfit.  While I am still struggling to feel a real part of my box’s community, I can’t blame crossfit for that.  While it is a little clicky, that is really just because a lot of the members have known each other growing up together or before coming to crosfit. Even with that everyone is very nice, encouraging and motivating.  I just haven’t been able to take any of these frendships outside the box yet.  Thats ok.  That is partly my problem too, everytime we have had a box sponsered social event I have been out of town or working my part time job.   So that of course makes it seem that I am not interested either.  But as part of my goal to embrace the area full on for the next year… I am embracing crossfit more and plan on partciapting in any next social event regardless of other obligations.  Maybe we will have a ladies night out xmas party!





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Friends tell me: Funny, Smart, loyal Describing myself: Virgo, Gamecock, Music Lover, Crossfitter, Independent and Single.
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