Food Sensitivities

I have a battle with food.  Its love hate.  I love food, I enjoy cooking, I enjoy indulging.  I enjoy how it can provide a social environment, I love the excitement of trying new meals, recipes, wine.

I hate the aftermath.  I hate the upset stomach, the dry itchy scalp, the acne, the bloat, the moodiness, the clogged mind.

I hate the fact that the sensitivities make eating more difficult. I have to be more aware of what I am putting in my body.  Well honestly, I don’t know that I actually hate that, or that more realistically I hate that there are certain foods I shouldn’t eat.

I have not been officially diagnosed with celiac or anything else but I have listened to my body and realize that I HAVE To watch what I eat.  And I really need to be strict about it.

The strict part is probably what I hate the most.  It is such a slippery slope.  I tend to overindulge when I am off the whole food wagon.  And then it just keeps going.  I thought 80/20 was good.  It probably needs to be stricter.  But then I can’t drink Wine the way I like.

But I also worry that maybe I am doing extreme harm to my body by not getting diagnosed, maybe I am celiac and really damaging myself.  But then I would really have to be 100% strict.  The irony in that statement alone is ridiculous.  I am harming my body if I am not being strict, regardless of diagnosis.

The one thing is, I can’t tell you Exactly  what I am sensitive to.  I can tell you what I need to stay away from.

1. Hoppy and wheaty beers- boy they give me stinky gas! So I am a bud light kind a girl.  Thankfully wine, bubbles and vodka don’t really mess with me! Cheers!

2.  Pasta.  I am not really a Tomato pasta fan, and then that leave pesto and cheesy alfredo type pastas.  Hello upset stomach.  So if I do eat pasta its pretty much just dry. 

3.  Cheese – It gets me.  Not all the time but it does

4. Eggs- same as Cheese.  So I guess they are best in moderation.

5. Everything processed-  well this should be no surprise to anyone. Processed food is no good. It’s processed- why put that crap in your body.  We do though. We do it for convenience.

Sometimes I am sensitive to stuff and I can’t figure out what was in the meal that triggered it.  There are times I can have a fancy taco truck burrito and be fine and then the next I have a seriously bloated and upset stomach.

But that is the thing about Food Sensitivities…. sometimes it isn’t about the instant consequences.  Its about the long term effects.  The things that creep up later like the itchy ears (candida overgrowth), dry dandruff scalp, Keritosis pilarias.  All of these evil things, they creep up after over exposure.

Oh plus, if I am not good with watching my food,  I end up hating the way my clothes fit.  So I guess that’s another motivator.


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