Stellar November Weather

This is lame I know.  But honestly we have had FANTASTIC Fall weather this year.  I have really been trying to see the “pretty” in the day to day.  I noticed the Cherry Trees outside our office are blooming.  That is not right.  I hope they still bloom in May.

All the leaves have peaked now.  Its so neat to see how the light and different times of the day make it prettier than others.  Its about to get dreary though.  December-Feb.  Triad weather is just not that pretty.

Ok. enough about the weather.  I plan on having a pretty relaxing November. Maybe I can stay in touch more.  I mean its hard to keep a blog. I always reflect on what I want to write while driving.  Not convenient.  I need one of those digital voice recorders that would transpose for me.  Are they out there?  They probably cost  a lot though.




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Friends tell me: Funny, Smart, loyal Describing myself: Virgo, Gamecock, Music Lover, Crossfitter, Independent and Single.
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