Where does the time go?!?

Wow, I can’t believe a month has already flown by since my last blog.  I told myself when I started this that I have to check in, I have to post regularly.  Otherwise what’s the point, right?  Well look at me two months in and already not keeping up!
Oh Well.  I got a promotion, then it was furniture market, and then a homecoming.  And wow look boy how time flies.

I will do some posts on my last few weeks…Shakori Hills Music festival, High Point furniture market, Pearl jam Concert but in the meantime I am just happy to finally be getting settled back in my normal routine.

I went down to Columbia for my annual South Carolina Football game this past weekend and boy it was a blast!  I always go down and catch a game with my girlfriend.  I have known Courtney for 13 yrs!  We have so much fun and always laugh until our stomachs hurt.  This trip was no different.   I am so thankful to have a great friend like Court.

As we chatted over coffee this morning, she gave me some sage advice.  I need to take the next year and embrace where I am and decide if this is really the place for me.  I keep saying, is High Point my final destination?  I live in an apartment rather than buying  town home because I feel like I want to have the flexibility to move at a moments notice.  But its really crazy at the same time because I love my job and I am starting to make roots here, so maybe I am more settled than I think.  But anyways, Court’s advice was that I need to embrace this town as if I am going to make it home and stay here and see how I really feel in a year.  And so I am going to change my attitude about the Triad and High Point and look at it as my final destination and see how I feel.  See if I end up feeling differently about what I call home.

In the meantime the month of November is hopefully going to be somewhat quiet.  I need some time to recoup. I feel like I have been on the go since summer!  Not that I am complaining because the last 10 months have been fantastic!   I just need to relax and recharge over the next few weeks.  Not to mention I am sure work will stay super crazy anyways!

Gamecock 2001 Entrance video


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