Highs and Lows of Life

While I am celebrating the high in my life right now I have two dear friends struggling with lows.  Reminds you how quickly things can change.

These lows my friends are dealing with One is a loss of a relationship and the other is a tragic death of a child.

The loss of the relationship, compares nothing to the friend who lost her child, but in our own little worlds they matter.  I love my friend.  She thought this guy was the one she would marry.  She now is putting up walls about guys and dating. I am trying to reminder her to stay hopeful.   She is hurting.  She is struggling to accept this loss.  As she was meeting with the boy today to put some closure on it, I wished her good luck and that I was thinking of her.  I also told her, GO WITH YOUR GUT, its always right.   She said, I am leaving it with God.  He will show me the way.  I said….That’s your GUT.  It is God’s way of showing you what is right for you.

Until this moment, I never really understood that.  I did understand that you need to go with your gut and that it is almost always right.  I learned that myself through my own challenges.  But I am not a religious person, but I am spiritual.  But until she said she was leaving it with God, was when I realized that God shows you the way, and that way is through your gut.  Through the feeling in your stomach that makes you calm.  You just have to be open to see it.  When you are full of anxiety and analyzing, worried, wanting, needing, you can’t fully see that gut feeling.  But if you stop and take a deep breath, that feeling will come to the surface and show you the way.

My other friend, she tragically lost her daughter in a car accident last night.  I don’t know any details and that is pure torture for me.  I know she is a mess. She is stronger than she realizes, she has been through a lot, but she is also everyone’s “mama” she cares deeply for everyone in her life.  While I love that about her, I do think that can be harmful for her health.  Caring too much sometimes causes you to be taken advantage of.  But anyways… she lost her daughter.  I can’t even imagine.  I haven’t had loss like that in my life.  Something close with the “loss” of my mother, but still doesn’t compare.  I am so sad for her. I just want to go swoop in and take care of everything because I know she can’t even function right now.  But having not dealt with death in my life and loss like that, I don’t know what’s best.  I guess I just need to sit back and wait… God will show me the right time and what she needs from me.


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Friends tell me: Funny, Smart, loyal Describing myself: Virgo, Gamecock, Music Lover, Crossfitter, Independent and Single.
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