Scream it from the Mountain

Hi All!  I got a promotion on Thursday!!! Super Excited.  Big Ego boost!  Much needed.  Totally unexpected and makes you really believe things happen for a reason. I have been a going through a WIDE range of emotions over the last few days.

I have been promoted to Sales Operations Manager of our Hospitality Division.   While I love change and needed change, with any change comes some fear and sadness.  I am super excited about the position.  A little scared, this is a huge challenge I am being put in.  I will be fine, but the next 90 days will probably be a little INSANE.  I am also being put into a fire.  There is a lot going on that isn’t quite right and I need to go in an implement processes and a lot of change with a group of people that are a little slower to accept change and innovation.  But those things I listed, are the exact reason I was given this position.  I have done this type thing before with great success for my company.

I am sad too.  The hospitality division is somewhat separated from our Residential furniture divisions (which of course makes sense). I am moving across the office so I will be alienated from my current co-workers. We have two “sides” to our building.  One where the Action happens (current location) and the West Wing.  And believe it or not, it really does separate us.  Strange how we all work in one building, one floor and not that big, but still how segregated we can be.   That  just means I will have to work harder to continue to cultivate the friendships and relationships I had.  I am also sad because I  am not working with some people that I used to work with, specifically two division presidents that are totally awesome! But at the same time these two presidents are probably more excited for me than I am!

It’s been killing me because I am not supposed to talk about it at work, as it hasn’t been announced, yet everyone knows.  AWKWARD.  Hopefully the announcement comes tomorrow.  Also I have to dive in starting Monday, not to mention I still haven’t even started handing off my current job!!

It has also been a huge ego boast for me too.  While I know I am good at my job, and pretty much liked around the office, especially by the ones who count 🙂  It was refreshing to be told by the President of our company that I was the only one for this job.  Apparently when they started considering this position and looked at the org chart… I was immediately his target.  I mean, I know he knows what I do, but at the same time I know he is disconnected from the day to day…he should be he is the President!  But it was really awesome hearing what he said in the meeting and then being re-enforced by my Manager and others.

I am also feeling very blessed.  This came at a point in my life where I was really craving some change.  I am someone who needs to be challenged, especially at work, and I also have been struggling financially (well at least to my standards).  I had been toying with looking else where, but not wanting to leave.  Glad that even though I may have applied elsewhere, that nothing came through and I was patient.  Everything happens for a reason.



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