Back to Reality

So I am back to work today….It is not as bad as I expected considering how long I was out.  I am glad to be back, for the most part.  I really like my job, what I do and who I work for and with.  But I am getting a little Bored.  I need some more challenges.  I am the type of person who loves to learn and keep growing.  This company has been awesome and I have learned sooooo much, but I feel like while I know there is more to learn that I might be past my prime here so to speak. Not to mention, I really need some more money…. Don’t we all?

But the problem is…. searching for a job! It is a Job in itself.  And really what is the best way to do it? I hear so many different opinions on the subject.  Not to mention, its hard to look for a job when you really don’t want to leave.   Go Figure.

And then what kind of Job would I want?  That’s a big open ended question. I am currently “labeled” a Project Manager.  What does that mean?  Well at my company, it means you do everything- lol.  I work for a furniture sourcing co and I manage 3 of the largest customer’s we have (over 20mil a year).  Simply stated: The Sales rep Sells the project (furniture) and I execute it, everything from product set up, customer orders, supply chain ordering, logistics to get it here and then any follow up customer relations and more.  But I also do Side projects, I am currently running the operations of one of our divisions of furniture that we are closing.  This has been pretty cool to be part of, while it does stink that we are closing this division, the meetings and reports and things I have worked on has been awesome.  Another side project I do, is that I am currently running the supply chain operations of one of our divisions.  That has been cool to be a part of because it isn’t as specialized as my project management portion of my job is.  So I wear a lot of different hats every day.  Its good over all, but sometimes overwhelming.

But how does that translate into a new position? I am sure I will figure it out. I always do!  And it scary to change.  But I know Change is good.  Change is the only constant in life.


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Friends tell me: Funny, Smart, loyal Describing myself: Virgo, Gamecock, Music Lover, Crossfitter, Independent and Single.
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3 Responses to Back to Reality

  1. cavegirlmba says:

    Supply chain was one of my most dreaded subjects… in my business life, I stay away from it and try to get someone else to handle it. Most of them do not look nearly as fun as you!

    • librown96 says:

      I love supply chain, I think it is the analytical side of me. But I never did ‘traditional” business school. I have a background in Sociology and ended up here. So I might have hated the courses too! I have learned on the job.

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