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For the Love of…..Music

Let me put it out there:   I LOVE MUSIC.  I ESPECIALLY LOVE LIVE MUSIC. Music is great for so many reasons.  Recently I have had the opportunity to catch a lot of live music.  Its been great.  I am … Continue reading

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As I get older I realize that my friendships are all important.  But for different reasons.  Each friend fills a different need for my life. I would like to think that I have 3 close friends.   Friends that we can … Continue reading

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Sunday funday

As I post this it is currently Sunday Funday!  Yea….not so much I actually work my part time job on Sundays.  So while I do generally enjoy it and it’s pretty easy.  But its just annoying.  Annoying sometimes to have … Continue reading

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Keep it simple…. and Laugh a lot

So today was a long day at work.  Kinda brain dead and not much thoughts for writing.  Actually more like too many and I can’t figure out what to focus on long enough.  So I am just going to decompress … Continue reading

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2nd Chances

Relationships I am a divorces 35 yr old.  The divorce was pretty much mutual, no drama and I have zero regrets.  Ultimately we were together for 13 yrs and married for 7.  We probably shouldn’t have gotten married, the signs … Continue reading

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Back to Reality

So I am back to work today….It is not as bad as I expected considering how long I was out.  I am glad to be back, for the most part.  I really like my job, what I do and who … Continue reading

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And So It Begins

Well…Here I am.  Returning from a 12 day adventure.  Well it wasn’t all adventure but I did surprisingly enjoy myself the entire time (well more than 90%).  First it started with a trip up to the Lockn Festival  It was … Continue reading

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